Her Skin, 2023
acetate prints, mild steel frames
Captured by her mesmerising skin that lay limp and motionless, discovering the remains of a previous self. Through prolonged observation, I sought to replicate the mantis' embodiment of balance and focus. The mantis is a revered symbol of stillness and focus across many cultures shedding the walls that home her, allowing for renewal each time. My fascination for mantids was heightened when discovering her skin. Her delicate velvet like exterior contrasted with protective spikes. These spikes resonated with me, as a woman I sometimes feel we need spikes. Perhaps the mantis is also a symbol for protection and self-preservation, do these spikes represent the inherent strength and resilience presence within all women. The exploration of the mantis and its significance speaks to our timeless connection between the natural world and the human experience and the profound beauty that can be found within both.