Her Bones, 2023
Scrap foam, corn syrup, mild steel
This hybrid form combines the jaw of a whale with the arm of a mantis. The whale, with a lifespan nearing a century and the mantis living for just one year, contribute immeasurably to the ecosystems they inhabit, whilst human activity jeopardises their very existence. The viewer is confronted with a reflection of our own impact on the world and the need for greater responsibility to preserve it. As these two seemingly disparate species unite in a single form they represent the paradoxes that exist within life - the whale embodies strength and endurance while the mantis exudes grace and lightness, the whale journeys vast distances whilst the mantis remains mainly motionless. Representing fractions of the past and visions of a speculative future. The piece invites the viewer to ponder the ways in which we can learn from these fascinating creatures and in turn, preserve their place in the world, as well as ours.